Be Mindful Of Your Energy Consumption

Have you ever wondered how much energy consumption you are wasting month to month?

To be honest, you probably haven’t otherwise you most likely would have already taken steps to see already. But that’s fine, you have made it to this post and by the end of it you will be headed in the right direction to making some big changes in your home or business, when it comes to energy consumption that is.


There are so many things that we waste energy on, here are just a few:

  • Leaving refrigerator open too long
  • Keeping lights on when not being used
  • Never turning off computer / unplugging charger (this one sucks up a lot of energy)
  • and more..


From that list alone you can already start to think of ways to start cutting down on energy consumption every single day.

By closing the refrigerator door immediately instead of leaving it open, turning off lights when leaving a room and not in use, never turning off your desktop or never unplugging your laptop, and so on. These are just the start of how you can start using less energy, and save yourself some money while doing so.


By being mindful, which hopefully this post is doing, you will start realizing every time you are wasting energy, even if these things haven’t been listed in this post specifically.

The purpose is to be aware of all your energy uses at all times, and do everything in your power at that very moment to conserve as much energy as possible and to stop wasting it.
For example..

Think about when you are cooking in the oven. Do you turn on the light inside the oven to look in? Or do you just open the oven to check?

I bet it’s half and half, but this is exactly what I am talking about. If you were being mindful of whenever you use energy, you would realize that you waste a ton of energy just by opening your oven for just a few seconds.

Oh and top of it wasting energy, it also takes longer to cook your food when you keep opening up the oven to look at it. We all know it smells so good when you open it, but just do us all a favor and turn on the light inside the oven to look! 🙂


Now here’s what I want you to do:

For the rest of the day, try to think about every time you use energy. When you turn on the lights, when you charge your phone, literally anything. Keep track of it all by writing it down, and try to see what you can do (in the moment) to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.


By the end of the month if you keep this up, you should definitely see a decrease in energy consumption and in return, a lower electric bill!

So in the post I’ve done two things for you:

  1. Helped you start your journey of ending your wastefulness of energy
  2. Saved you money month to month


In return I guess it would be fair to simply ask you to comment down below a technique you’ve found to cut down energy use in your home or business. I’m sure we’d all love to hear, because we are all here for the same reason right?

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