Stop Wasting Energy While Cooking With These Tips

Conserve Energy in The Kitchen

Although many people don’t think of cooking when they think of ways to cut down on energy uses, it is something we need to further look into and be aware of next time we cook.

A ton of energy is wasted while cooking, and it could all be conserved by more conscious decisions while in the kitchen. How about we go over some ways on how you can conserve more energy in the kitchen from now on?


Cover Up

Did you know that putting a lid or cover on top of your pans will greatly reduce the time and energy it takes to cook your food? All that heat kept within the pan will no longer escape and go to waste with a nicely fit lid on top. Now go find all of those lids in your cabinets, and start using them.

Warning: Some recipes / foods call for cooking with a lid off. So make sure when you should and shouldn’t be using a lid.


Stop Checking Every Minute

Are you one of those people who continuously check on your food while it is still cooking? Instead of opening the oven every five minutes, turn on the light inside and look through the glass window. Can’t see in the window? Try cleaning off all that old burnt on food, and you will be able to see in (hopefully)!


Don’t Use too Much Water

Have you ever noticed you probably could of used less water in a pan to boil something? Well, the more water you use, the more energy (and time) it takes to get it to the right temperature. Try using the required amount of water (and no more) next time you need some water in a pan.


Don’t be Cheap

Cheap pans can lead to wasted energy. How so? Cheap pans tend to be thin, and low quality material. This type of material, although will heat up quickly, doesn’t retain heat. Compared to a thick and quality cast iron pan which conserves heat for long periods, it makes much more sense to spend the extra money on quality pans, rather than cheap out on them.


Center Your Pans

This one is probably obvious, but we thought it had to be added. Make sure your pans are in the center of the heat source every time you cook. For obvious reasons, this will prevent heat from going to waste.


Turn it Off Just Before

Try turning off the oven a few minutes before the food is going to be done cooking. The heat inside only slowly escapes when the door is closed, so you could get a few extra minutes of high temperatures to cook your food (even more if your oven is well insulated). This won’t be a huge energy saver, but the conservation really does add up over the years.


Have any ideas for conserving energy in the kitchen? We’d love to hear them down below!

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