7 Things You Can Do This Earth Day

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Earth day happens every year. It’s a day where we look at the earth for what it is, and try to help it out for least one day of the year. It’s one day where even the most polluting people in the world might even consider “going green” for the day.

And although being conservative and respectful of the earth should be done everyday, we just don’t live in that kind of world. With that said, we’ve got to take advantage of this day and get as many people to participate so the earth can catch its breath!


Here are 7 things you (and everyone you know) can do this earth day and all to come:


1) Skip The Car

Go the entire day without driving your car. Try walking to your destination, riding a bike, or if you have no other options, carpool or take a bus!

If you seriously have no other option, use your car as a carpool with your friends and coworkers.


2) Don’t Eat Meat or Animal Products

Besides all of the health benefits of going a day without meat, there are also many beneficial reasons for the earth too!

Did you know that to produce 1 pound of beef, it requires over 400 gallons of water to produce? On top of that, all of the chemicals they put into these animals so they grow faster and bigger can’t be too good for you or the earth either.

So save a life, and go without meat for the entire day! Hey, you might even like it and stop eating meat and animal products altogether.


3) Plant a Tree

Go outside to your nearest forest, find a good open area that is lacking some trees, and go plant one!

If you bring multiple people with you, be sure to plant one per person too. This way, you are all contributing more to the environment.

Oh and please don’t forget to walk or ride a bike there..


4) Stop Using Bottled Water

Bottled water, even though recyclable, is still producing very bad effects to the environment.  At a low recycling rate of 34.3 percent in the United States, the majority of things that are recyclable are still making there ways to landfills.

Stop supporting the production of bottled water, and move to reusable bottles and refill them at home. It will probably save you a lot more than you expected too!


5) Pick Up Litter

Almost every city or town has that one area we all know about that seems to just always collect trash. Either from people walking by and just throwing trash down or the wind carrying it there.

Do the earth (and all of our eyes) a favor and go out and clean up an area that is full of trash. Once you are done, be sure to recycle things that are able to be recycled, and dispose of everything properly.

You will accomplish two things with this one, making the earth cleaner and making the eyes of your community happier.


6) Reduce Water Usage

Do you really need to run the water while you brush? Or how about taking a 15 minute shower? Or better yet, not using the washer machine to it’s fullest potential and putting a lot of water to waste?

Anything that includes water in your daily life (besides drinking it of course) you should try to be more aware of what you are using, and try to cut down your usage by half. Again, don’t drink less water though, you need it!


7) Turn off the Lights

Right as you leave a room to go to another, turn off the lights! If you aren’t going to be in there, and if no one else is, then why keep the lights running?

You are going to save some money on your electricity bill if you keep this one up, and you’ll be protecting the earths resources too! So be conscious next time you attempt to leave a room with a light still on, and go back and turn it off.


We hope everyone has a green earth day this year (and all to come)! Try to be as green as you possibly can on earth day, and everyday if you so desire.

Did we leave out something that everyone should be doing on earth day? We’d love to hear it down below in the comments!



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