4 Reasons LED Parking Lot Lights Are a Must For Businesses

Business owner? How about, are you a business owner with a parking lot?

If so, did you know that your parking lot fixtures are probably costing you tons of money in your utility bill every single month? On top of that, did you know you are contributing highly to pollution and waste of preciously generated energy?

Why haven’t you made the switch over to LED? The top reasons I hear why business owners haven’t made the switch are:

  1. They had no idea this option existed
  2. They think it is too expensive
  3. Or, they just keep procrastinating

Well luckily I’m going to give some reminders, good reasons, and a good kick to push you to make the switch and replace your old parking lot lights with new and improved LED lighting fixtures. Here we go with the first reason on the list..


1. Utility Bill is Outrageously High

Have you noticed that your utility bill is the highest on the block? If so, it is most likely because of the energy consumption from your lights. Especially if you have a larger lot, which can take up even more energy and resources which just adds onto your bill.

Believe it or not, your lights on your property probably take up most of your energy bill, so this is a great reason in itself to switch over to LED parking lot lights (also known as shoebox lights).


2. Increase in Complaints

There are a few things people often complain about when it comes to outdated lighting fixtures in parking lots. Here are the main complaints I’ve heard about:

  • People don’t feel safe – light isn’t covering every area they walk
  • Flickering light cause strain on eyes
  • Buzzing noise is highly annoying


3. You Always Replace Your Lights

Are you always seemingly replacing your lights in your parking lot? Paying someone to replace them, buying new lights, and the hassle of arranging it all can seriously become a huge pain.

Did you know that LEDs can last up to 5 times longer than HID lights.


4. Better Color, Brighter Light

Along with the safety aspect of your parking lot, LEDs produce might higher quality of light that is also much brighter. Imagine that? A light that is much more in quality all while using up way less energy.

Energy savings can be as much, if not more, than 50%. And while they save tons of energy, the light measured by the CRI is much higher than other HID lights.



So business owners, what are your thoughts? Do LEDs sound like a wise business decision?

You literally get the best of both worlds when you replace old HID fixtures. How so? Well, you save tons of energy with LED over HID, you improve your business image, improved safety and security, and you have much higher quality of light.


What are your thoughts about making the switch? I’m sure everyone would love to hear!





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